Buying a home can be an overwhelming process and it is my goal to make yours a satisfying and successful experience. Through the analysis of market data, neighborhood demographics, and financial goals, my focus is on finding you a property which best meets your needs as well as your dreams. I help you consider less tangible factors such as future appreciation and expansion on potential, individual needs of school zones, and the many other aspects that may inspire you to invest in your next real estate purchase.

When you are ready to find the home of your dreams or a stable investment property, I will not only help you effectively consider the current properties listed for sale on the open market, but will also tap into my network and find “off-market” properties that may also meet your search criteria.

My local knowledge, contacts and resources allow for you the buyer to be better positioned to find and secure the home of your choice on the best possible terms and price.



1. Choose the right agent
The right agent is one who will give the best quality service and market information. This real estate professional should be a person with whom you have rapport and can count on for consistent and thorough attention throughout the purchase process.

2. Make your wish list
Your wish list should include all the home and neighborhood features that are important to you. Take your time with this. The more thorough and detailed your list is, the more relevant information your agent can gather for you and the more focused your search will be. Throughout the home search, your agent will be a valuable and knowledgeable guide and advisor.

3. Get your financing lined up
Your agent will put you in touch with lenders who offer a variety of competitive programs and rates. When you choose the mortgage loan officer you want to work with, you can meet with that person and get loan approval (contingent upon appraisal of the property you choose). This approval or pre-qualification raises your value as a buyer in the eyes of sellers.

4. Communication is the key
Throughout the home search process and escrow period, it’s important for you and your agent to have open communication. After you’ve visited a number of properties with your agent, you may change your mind completely about the kind of home or neighborhood you’re looking for. Be sure to tell your agent about any changes in your preferences or goals as you go along.

5. The Contract
As you find the right property, your agent will meet with you to write the offer. Be frank and thorough about what you want to include in the offer, including price, contingencies and settlement date.

6. The Contract Presentation
Your agent makes the presentation, not you. The seller will accept the offer, refuse the offer, or counter the offer. If the seller counters your offer then it is your turn to respond. Your agent will be available to provide you with information and advice every step of the way until contract ratification when both parties reach agreement in writing.

7. Contingencies and the escrow period
The first steps you’ll take after ratification are to satisfy any contingencies in the contract including the inspection and financing contingencies. Your agent will give you the names of inspectors to choose from; you will probably already have chosen a lender. Next, you’ll choose a settlement attorney from the list of well-qualified people your agent will provide for you.

8. Settlement
This is when the deed and money change hands. Don’t be nervous. Your agent will be there to see that everything gets done and goes smoothly.

9. After the sale
My relationship with my clients continues well after settling into their new homes. I am available to share my wide span of resources to include architects, caterers, gardeners, interior designers, veterinarians and so on. It is truly my pleasure to be your go-to resource.


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